Monday, May 31, 2010

Check it Out: The Bright Side Project Blog

This beautiful blog's goal is to remind its readers of the simple beauties in life by bringing them a little sliver of sunshine each day.  During the month of May, they've been featuring their favorite bloggers with guest posts that highlight their favorite things.  I love the style of the Bright Side: their fresh color palette and collage-like layout for each post. Here are a few bits of sunshine to get you to check it out.  Oh-so inspirational!

1. Guest blogger Anne from the City Sage's favorite things post
2. The Bright Side's trademark finger pointing out specific parts of the post
3. The Bright Side's fresh, cool blog background
4. The Bright Side's blog header
5. Photograph by Myan Campbell-Zurek
6. Guest blogger Dionne from City of Dionne's favorite things post

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