Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Things that Make me Happy

I found this great post idea from Sacramento Street.  Every week she features a guest blogger who chooses 10 things that inspire her-anything from food, places, people, fashion, or design.  I've asked a few friends to participate in guest blogging, which will be a refreshing new occurrence on fourteen feet ceilings.  Look for their work to be featured the week of May 24th-28th.  Until then, here are some things that make me happy!

I'm sure you all know this by now, but I am drawn to simple, white spaces.  There is something so clean and refreshing about a mostly white interior with pops of color. White spaces really let the furniture and accessories to center stage.

Image courtesy of Pink Wallpaper

I feel like I am home whenever I sip ice-cold sweet tea from a mason jar.  It reminds me of so many summer nights spent outside on my deck while my dad is grilling and music is floating out of the speakers.

Image courtesy of Brittany Austin on flickr

Blogs offer great inspiration for my future home office space.  I can imagine a clean space with comfortable furnishings, colorful inspiration boards, and wooden bookshelves.

Images courtesy of Delight by Design

When I saw this photograph on Snippet and Ink, my day automatically became a little brighter.  You can't look at this and not smile.

Image courtesy of Snippet and Ink

I know I'm tan when I look down and my toes look dark.  Bright polish pops, and a once awkward feature looks so much better tanned.

Image courtesy of Webshots

As soon as I turn the radio on, and hear a brand new melody floating out of the car speakers, I suddenly get silent and listen to every word that is sung.  I would bet you that I could tell you the first time I heard almost every single country song.

Image courtesy of Leorex on flickr

There is something so unique and beautiful about old buttons.  Each one has a different story to tell and a different history and heritage.  One of my best friend's from highschool and I would collect buttons from antique stores and yard sales, sit on her trampoline, and make button bracelets and necklaces in every color scheme imaginable.

Image courtesy of Antique Online

Every room in your home needs that 1 comfy chair that you can plop down in after being on your feet all day, curl up, and read a magazine.

Image courtesy of Unknown

It makes my whole day easier when I know that everything is in its place.  A drawer for scissors, a basket full of photos, or a post it note reminder- just makes everything go so much smoother.

Image courtesy of Pink Wallpaper

I hope I have an outdoor haven at my future home where I can go to escape from the day.  A place with colorful seat cushions surrounded by beautiful landscaping would be an ideal place to read, eat dinner, or  enjoy a glass of iced tea.

Image courtesy of Pink Wallpaper

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  1. i love this! sorry i haven't written you back from the email, but i think it would be really fun to do a guest blog. hopefully i will have time this weekend or the next to do it. :D