Monday, August 31, 2009

Where I wish I could be...

Ethan Allen Quilt

Love this quilt by Ethan Allen. Its retro, colorful, yet classic. It could go with so many colors. Their website is so chic, definitely worth checking out. Love this quote found in the inspiration section of their page: “Modern used to be a style. Now, it’s every style.”

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Frank Gehry Sketches

Since studying interior design, I have really enjoyed looking at architects and other designers sketches. Concept formation is such a huge part of the design process, and sketching is a great way to put on paper what you are visualizing in your head. Frank Gehry has some amazing quick sketches that feel energetic yet visually appealing.
Check out this deco ring, also by kate spade. And the cute box it comes in just adds to its appeal.

kate spade

kate spade's redesign of the New York store is amazing! I love how they took inspiration directly from their product. Stripes are so prominent in her bags! What a great example of branding.

Room of the Week

I love the crisp geometric lines juxtaposed with the feminine curves of the chandelier and chair fabric. The floral centerpieces keep this room from being too cold.

Blogging for Inspiration

Hello all! I love looking through blogs for inspiration, so I decided to create my own that will hopefully inspire others. Since its almost Monday, I think we could all use a few creative images to help get us through the week!

I chose the name fourteen feet ceilings for the blog because this year I have the privilege of living in a LEED silver dorm, that has fourteen foot ceilings!

My first post is going to be "The Room of the Week"...I'm taking this idea from a blog I love, decorology. I also like how this blog posts links to other images similar to the one you are looking at. Pink Wallpaper is another one of my favorites!