Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trends: Antler Accessories

Lately I've been seeing antlers everywhere.  Chandeliers, wall mounts, graphics-they are a trend in fashion and interiors.  This suits me just fine especially since I have a husband that loves to hunt! (I'm still trying to convince him to make me an antler chandelier!) But until that happens, here are some stunning pieces of jewelry that can bring the antler trend into your everyday style. And the best thing about all these pieces is that they are handmade sold on Etsy for totally affordable prices!
a.  Dainty Antler Silver Necklace by Moon Light for Violet
b.  Bronze Whitetail Deer Antler Ring by Moon Raven Designs
c.  White Stag Antler Earrings by Peaches and Pebbles
d.  Sterling Silver Antler Post Earrings by Autumn Equinox

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