Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mantle Findings

 I'm so blessed to have a wood-burning fire place in our apartment.  Lately I've been looking for mantle decorating inspiration and here are some of the favorites I've found.
I decided to combine some of my favorite ideas in photoshop so I could share my visual ideas with you guys.  So here's my photoshop rendering of a Christmas mantle.  I think the fresh lime green accents is a contemporary twist on a classic Christmas color.  Filling apothecary jars with ornaments is a simple way to add color and could easily be filled with mini pumpkins, wine corks, sand & shells, etc. depending on the season.  Hanging letters in front of small mirrors is another versatile option that can be changed for different occasions.
[Items used in mantle rendering: a. Covered Jars, b. Found pinecones, c. Noelle Mirrors, d. Burlap Ribbon, e. Antique Glass Textured Ball Ornaments, f.  Zinc Letters, g.  Set of 4 Glitter Stripe Ball Ornaments,  h.  3-piece Astoria Candleholders,   i. Pale Lime chinois Silk Ribbon]

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