Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watercolor Edges Photoshop Tutorial

A couple of you all had asked me about how I got the watercolor-like edge effect on the links to the right side of fourteen feet ceilings and my wedding blog.  I compiled a tutorial to share on how I created the graphics.  It is really easy, and I know that you all are great at photoshop so I'm sure you'll come up with creative ways to tailor the tutorial to fit your style.  Feel free to share anything you create using this technique, I'd love to see it!

Step 1:  Open a blank photoshop file.  I've set up a square canvas size, 748x748 pixels large.

Step 2: Choose file>place to place an image onto your canvas.

Step 3: Using the transform tool, stretch your image to fill your entire canvas.

Step 4: Create a new layer.  Paint bucket the entire layer white.

Step 5: Load new brushes from Brusheezy.  Search for 'watercolor' in their search box.  I loaded the sets Watercolor SplattersDry Paint Strokes.  You can definitely do this technique with only one brush set, but mix and layer multiple brush sets together to add variety.  After downloading the brush set to your computer, bring them into photoshop by selecting the brush tool. Click the drop down brush menu, then click on the small round 'play' button on the right side.  Select 'load brushes'.

Step 6: Select the eraser tool, and choose one of your new brushes.  Erase away the white on the blank layer little by little using watercolor brushes.

Step 7: Continue using the eraser tool-be sure to vary your brush style, size, and opacity to give your image depth and make it look more like watercolor.  I erased away the middle horizontal section of my image, but erase anywhere you want depending on the image you chose.

Step 8: You can move your entire white layer to showcase different areas of your photograph.

Step 9: Add type, if desired.  A great website to find free, unique fonts is Dafont.  This font style is called Sue Ellen Francis.

Step 10:  Save your completed image and email it to me to be showcased here on fourteen feet!  Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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