Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check it Out: Simply Hue

Simply Hue is a blog created by Vicki Dvorak that features artist spotlights on everything from jewelry, photography, and other aspects of design. Her style is vintage and chic, with soft colors and scripty fonts.  Be sure to check out the playlist on the bottom of her blog too, its a great mix and I especially love Patty Griffin.

1. Umbrella Photograph by Vicki
2. Umbrella Photograph by Sleec Photography
3. Umbrella Photograph by Vicki
4. Simply Hue Blog Header
5. Textile Design by Laura Amiss
6. Photograph by Isabelle Lafrance Photography
7. Dessert by Miel Bakes
8. Bag by Mod Diva
9. Pillow by Mod Diva

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