Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grid Blog Header

Chris and I have been working on a wedding blog instead of a traditional wedding website.  This way, we can share some of the aspects of wedding planning with our guests and inform them on accommodations, directions, and registry info. I was inspired by Shanni Weilert's Wedding Photography website for the blog header.  I love how she formatted her bright interesting photographs into a beautiful grid layout.

Here's Shanni's blog header that I used for inspiration...

Here's the blog header we have so far...

These graphics are the links that will be featured on the right side of the blog...

So check out our wedding blog and see what you think!  Remember its under construction, so not all the links are working.


  1. I really like this! Laura and Paul did a wedding website that was pretty cute. The link graphics are cool, how did you get that effect around the edges?

  2. LOVE it!! ya, it looks like you've been spending some quality time in photoshop haha you'll have to show me how you did that edge effect! but yes, LOVE the blog :)