Sunday, January 3, 2010

What were you doing New Years Eve?

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years!  I definitely had the best New Year's Eve ever...

My family went to my boyfriends' family's house to watch the Virginia Tech game and to watch the ball drop.  During half time, we were all playing Catch Phrase.  Everyone in our family loves that game, so we were all really getting into it.  It was Chris' turn to give the clue, and he said, "What does a guy say to a girl when he gives her a ring?"  I shouted out "Will you marry me?"  And he said "Well, will you?" and pulled out a ring.  I couldn't believe what was happening!  I first asked him if he was serious, and then I said yes!

I couldn't stop crying, laughing, and grinning all at the same time.  He said now he could finally relax and breathe, but now I couldn't breathe!  Then he brought out three roses, and each of them had a little gift tag on it.  The first rose said "To our past", the next rose said "To our present" and the final rose said "To our future". After I finally stopped crying, we all took pictures together.  It was so nice that both of our families were there to experience the moment with us and to take pictures throughout everything.  I can't explain how thrilled I was, and how excited I still am!  I can't even put into words how I feel.  I feel so blessed, and can't wait to start 2010 in this exciting way.

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