Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Basic Recipe for a Southern Wedding

While browsing through wedding blogs, I have come across some great ideas for outdoor receptions.  It's neat how the most simple, creative, handmade gestures are the ones that create that comfortable, southern, hometown feel.

These handmade signs are a must.  With an old piece of distressed barn wood, painted with a white wash background, a beautiful sign could direct guests towards the reception.

Hay bales turn into comfortable lounge seats when accessorized with oversized bright pillows.  I can also envision large colorful quilts scattered across a green lawn as a place to sip a cocktail and have a quiet conversation during the reception.

I don't know if I'm willing to go this casual, but picnic tables can be dressed up with simple white linens and colorful sunflowers.

And of course...candles in simple glass mason jars create elegant centerpieces when paired in small clusters.

Another great centerpiece idea is to place beautiful flowers in a monochromatic color scheme in small wooden boxes.  The dark wood contrasts well against the crisp white tablecloth.

These inexpensive ideas are simple little gestures that can really create a mood at a southern outdoor reception.  Its those little details that can make your wedding a personal reflection of you and your relationship.

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