Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sketch Up - Photo Shop - Podium Transformations

Our studio has been working on a project for a competition sponsored by Macy's. They are looking for a new design for their women's shoe department. In order to do the perspectives, we build the scene in google sketch up, then render it with either photoshop or podium. Here are the different looks that the programs can give.

This is Kristi's project. Her concept is based on a loose translation of the Macy's star- dividing up the shoes into 5 categories and separating her space based on this. Clean, simple curves direct the shopper through the space. I love how photo-realistic her final rendering turned out!

Sketch Up
Podium (plug in for Sketch Up)
This is my project. My concept is based on timeless shoes that integrate into all of your life's "departments", therefore the shoe department will integrate & spill over into Macy's other departments.

Sketch Up
Photoshop (Sketch up view rendered in photoshop)

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