Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Weekend In Textures

This weekend was full of fall staples and football.  Every year when the leaves begin to change I get so inspired.  I'm always a fan of accent lighting for inside and out, and have begun thinking about how to light our patio.  Exposed brick is something I hope for in our future home.  It provides a rustic backdrop full of history that makes almost any possession hung upon it seem elegant.  After Chris bought a half a cord of wood, we were able to enjoy our first fires of the season.  So cozy and homey.  And after I stacked the wood ( and I mean ALL the WOOD) while he was at work, it made me appreciate the simple burning hearth even more.  We bought our first jug of apple cider for the year and enjoyed a hot mug of it curled up by the fire we worked so hard for!  There is nothing better than a cozy sweater to wrap up in during the fall and winter months.  I especially love the pale hue of this one.  Log pile- 'nuff said. And I had to sneak in a picture I took from last week at home when we went to the pumpkin patch with my dog.  I loved this old orange wagon filled to the brim with pumpkins, so I antiqued it using one of the photoshop actions from Pioneer Woman.  

Oh and did I mention that the Cowboys played the Patriots Sunday?  And did I mention that Chris' favorite team is the Cowboys and my favorite team is the Patriots?  It was our first NFL Sunday marriage test, and you should've seen us decked out in our jerseys and face paint.  We placed our bets, and you'll be pleased to know that Chris owes me dinner at Panera one night this week. Go Pats!
[Images courtesy of The Chic LinePennyweightPinterestLast Good Time, TumblrMy Life in Texture, & myself]

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