Thursday, November 11, 2010

Architectural Facade: Hover House 3

When I stumbled across this home on Contemporist, I immediately noticed the different patterns and rhythms that make up the facade.  X-shaped bracing, horizontal slats, vertical elements, and polka-dot-like lighting create a patchwork effect that keeps your eye traveling to all the different spaces.  

Designed by Glen Irani Architects, this home is the third in their Hover House Series. This series aims to maximize outdoor living on small lots by 'hovering' the building envelope above grade level. The home not only has a reduced footprint but also incorporates sustainable design elements such as roof-mounted photovoltaic panels that offset 80% of its power demands.

The recessed lighting appears to be sporadic, but lights the different areas appropriately.  The concrete walls, slate floors, and metal accents give the interior a clean, contemporary feel.

The courtyard cuts through the interior shell, allowing natural light into all corners of the space.  The X-shaped bracing seen on the facade is echoed on the interior courtyard wall.

Visit Contemporist to read more about this California home.

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