Friday, February 26, 2010

Table Number Inspiration

One of my best friends is getting married in May, and we've been talking about different options for table numbers.  With all the stress of planning the guest list and making seating charts, the table numbers should be fun and creative...but more importantly easy!  Most of these are DIY, and I love how they all incorporate the style and feeling of the individual wedding.  From classic to funky, there are so many options to suit everyone's taste.

This is just chalkboard paint on a plain glass candle jar, with the number written in white chalk.

The simple black picture frame to the left side of the image allows guests to see the number without taking away from the place settings.

These are so elegant and could be hand drawn or printed, then cut into ovals.

So simple and cute in a distressed picture frame.

For a nest/bird-themed wedding.  I love the clothes pin stuffed into the soft moss to hold up the number.

How about table letters?  These look like they are from an old children's alphabet book.

This simple white number can be seen from a distance to make it easier on your guests.

This is just a tin can painted on the inside with a bright color.  An awe was used to punch out holes to create the number.  

This table number is soft and elegant.

The bride cross-stitched this table number.

It looks like this number was painted or stuck onto a porcelain rectangle.

I think this one is my favorite.  I love the strong graphic font on a white background with white linens.  So clean and crisp.

I love the rustic look of these old metal house numbers hung from a simple wooden frame.

More metal numbers were used to give this wedding a contemporary fun look.

These felt flag numbers remind me of a high school letter jacket.  Perfect for high school sweethearts!

This would be a great, simple option for a reception, especially one at a vineyard.

You could use this idea with lemons, oranges, pears, anything!

Another one of my favorites...a simple burlap winebag with the number stenciled on in the same color as the flower and ribbon.

Another simple option.

This option uses vintage wooden stamps.

This number was painted or glued onto an old milk jug.

Miniature chalk boards stuck into the floral centerpieces serve as the table numbers here.

Wooden logs cut into different heights serve as a base for these table numbers.  Just a simple slit cut into the log allows the cardstock to stand up.

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