Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seasonal Transitions

Big changes come with a new year.  From graduating college and going out into the real world, to getting married, finding a new home, and starting a new job.  These transitions can seem overwhelming, but as long as your surrounded by the ones you love then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Here's a collection of transitional images that will take you from winter into spring and move you into a fresh new year.

Being bundled up under down comforters during the cold months change to sunny days filled with sheer scarves and long shadows.

Getting a new job means a major wardrobe change.  From jeans and chunky knits to pencil skirts and heels.

I love Kate Spade's transition from season to season.  This plaid satchel is perfect for winter, while this bright cheery nautical bag would be the perfect compliment to white shorts and flip flops.

Pillows, blankets, and sweaters have been perfect while I'm lounging making wedding plans, sending caterer's emails, and calling photographers.  Oh and did I mention my dress?  And the girls dresses?  I can't wait to ditch the warm clothing and slip into something a little fancier.  

Seasons change as the holidays fade, but the memories made will last forever.  So cheers to 2011, a fresh year with many transitions ahead.

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  1. This honestly may be one of my all time favorite posts. Swear. Hands down. I am drawn by all the cozy looks & textures!! Especially good post because of everything new about to happen for you!