Monday, October 25, 2010

Student Spotlight: Kristi

When Kristi first showed me her perspectives of the Michael Kors Corporate Office, I fell in love immediately.  Their class's project was to design the office space for Michael Kors, including the floor plan, detail of the reception desk, and perspective views.  Kristi's work always has such a clean style, and the sketchy overlaid lines give the images depth.  Here's a little more about her design concept:

The highly notable fashion designer, Michael Kors, states his mission as being “rooted in producing polished, sleek, sophisticated American sportswear.” He takes sportswear-usually a more masculine image- and translates into a more clean sophisticated look. This balance of rough and smooth created the inspiration for the design of
the New York City corporate headquarters. The materials palette includes very sleek polished marble, limestone and metal, but is balanced with rustic woods and concrete. This is further carried out by the contrasting angles throughout the space. This “blending” creates an environment that not only mimics the roots of  Michael Kors, but also creates a very open collaborative workplace to further develop his brand.

 Thanks Kristi for sharing your design!

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