Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hospitality Interiors

I love these interior perspectives of different hotel's restaurants and lobbies.

These dark wooden walls give this space a warm, intimate feeling.  The luxurious textures of the upholstery invite you to sit and stay a while.

The focal point of this space is definitely the bar, with its textured metal drop ceiling.  The rest of the space is monochromatic and white, not distracting attention away from the defined bar area.

This stainless steel drop ceiling contrasts well with the square tile walls and bamboo "windows" below the bar.

The pendants and wires create an art form above the long dining table.  A gray, white, and black color scheme give the room a clean, fresh appearance.

This rendering is my favorite.  It does a great job of exhibiting the foreground, middle, and background.  The sketchy water color style is the perfect medium to show the shiny floors and walls.

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